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We believe good customer management system positively impact on companies performance as a whole. At Builders-I-Zone, we simply wow our clients with more personalized customer service. Our customer management software allows each account to be configured with different login credentials, privileges and preferences. You can manage emails, setup surveys, and have complete control over what is shared all in one place. Keep your selection decisions on time, avoid schedule delays and organize your emails and messages using our customer relationship management skills.Seeking assistance in website integration, custom reporting, drip campaigns, proposal management? No problem! Builders-I-Zone brings everything you need in a construction management system.

scheduling & priorities

Our construction scheduling software makes you easily manage your project schedule in a highly flexible manner and helps you quickly arrange task deadlines. Quickly add new tasks, prioritise existing ones, and track work on a daily basis with minimal effort. Use our scheduling software to efficiently dispatch work across your field crews, bringing both speed and structure to the entire team, which directly correlates with on-site productivity. You can arrange every task by priority, trade and date to track task progress and ensure everything runs smoothly. Plan your projects and run your meetings in a clear, visual way with Builders-I-Zone scheduling software.

project management

Builders-I-Zone project management software brings everything from planning and building a project to accurate estimation and completion at one place. You can have a complete control of time, cost, and quality of a project from beginning till end. Builders-I-Zone software uses project management techniques and methodologies to create, capture and close all your project prospects at your fingertips. Generate proposals from error-free estimates and sell more jobs using Builders-I-Zone’s project management tools.No matter your website or mobile device, Builder I Zone project management system makes it fast and easy to capture the lead information and built proposals, without skipping off the tracks.

task management

Builders-I-Zone construction management software has gained expertise in establishing a functional connection with numerous teams, and offers variety of tools to execute day-to-day cases. Builders-I-Zone makes it easy for engineers and architects, to manage tasks, stay on top of things and keeps everyone on the same page. Our task management skills establish a profound connection to your team on all core use cases: plan viewing, punch list, scheduling, and reporting.Get everything done in a simpler way! Organizing and managing tasks using real time communication functions and improve field productivity, while keeping the full project plan in sight using Builders-I-Zone’s construction management software.


Builders-I-Zone construction payment software brings everything under one roof. Send payment requests directly to customers, easily integrate accounts, get invoices updated automatically and avail secure transaction benefits at Builders-I-Zone. You can easily track bills and increase integration efficiency, with added convenience to you and your clients. Save time on custom reports, create purchase order templates, and provide best inventory management integrations, eliminating the hassle of manual data entry. Builders-I-Zone gives you all financials in one spot, send payment requests to customers and invoice customer payments from anywhere instantly. Track and manage orders more efficiently and extend a unified user experience using Builders-I-Zone payment software.

inventory management

Track inventory levels, orders, sales and delivers with Builders-I-Zone inventory management software. The system gives users provision to record sales, damaged goods, take returns and track inventory turnover. The inventory management system lets you know when you are likely to run out of stock and set re-order  levels. Stay up to date with Builders-I-Zone real time stock control system. The Product in the store can be tracked as per location or sub-location, that helps you to create a work order, billing documents effortlessly.

Sub contracting

We’re one step ahead in the construction management industry, by using the sub contracting key feature that drives us operation success. subcontracting in construction industry is considered as the trend for future design and construction activities. Builders-I-Zone construction subcontracting management software has the experience and resources to position a construction firm for growth. With aim to reduce overhead and complexity in construction field, the construction sub-contrating services boost building success. Builders-I-Zone’s well planned and carefully executed subcontracting strategies help construction firm to develop into global organizations.

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